Sunday, March 30, 2014

Museum of Moving Images Tour

The visit to the Museum of Moving Images was very interesting. I enjoyed the tour because it gave me an idea of all the different aspects involved in making moving images. The interactivity of the museum make it that more engaging. One aspect I found especially intriging was about sound. Our tour guide demonstrated to us, all the different sounds that go into one specific scene of a movie, the example he used was Titanic. First off, he identified the different sounds that are included. These sounds are: background sound, foley sounds, hard sounds, dialogue and music. He then extracted each individual sound element and demonstrated it to us by itself with the moving picture. What became apparent pretty early on was that each sound by itself just didn't seem to work with the image. It was either too loud, seemed out of context or didn't match the action. Especially interesting were the foley sounds. Foley sounds are added in post production and are sounds such as foot steps, rain etc. These sounds are never actually created from the action that is happening. For instance, the sound of foot steps we hear in a movie is never actual recorded foot steps. Or rain is never actually rain. So in Titanic we see these ropes snapping off of the side of the ship and falling into the water. This sound is actually created with a shot gun which was set at a higher pitch. I found that really amazing. Being a foley sound person means being extra creative about what sound sounds just like something we would imagine it sounds like. This was my favorite part of the tour! The tour guide was great at involving us in guessing the different foley sounds and surprising us with the actual answer. 

Peace and Love, Isabel 

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